Dear Gossips,

Let’s start the week where we ended the last – with Celine Dion who wrapped up a week of shows in New York last night and it’s not like all she did was perform on stage while she was there. She also served all kinds of looks on her sidewalk runway, none of them at all practical. AND?! What’s practical is that her outfits help people, OK? It’s March and it’s miserable. She’s out here trying to keep us going as everything else in the world sucks. She’s making fashion lovers happy. She’s making her fans happy. She’s helping photographers looking for something interesting to shoot. You can imagine how much they appreciate her as a break from the celebrities who are constantly covering their faces, pretending they hate the attention. 

Anyway, let’s appreciate her style gifts from the weekend. There’s the all-pink outfit with pants and skirt and many pleats. And there’s my personal favourite – Celine casually strolling out of her hotel in a daytime ball gown. It’s daytime because she’s wearing it with a front bustle and a gorgeous cream sweater. I’m obsessed with this look, like imagine rocking up to brunch in this?! Were the flowers ordered specifically to match the skirt? 


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Celine’s tour won’t be stopping one place for an entire week until the summer. Which means we’re probably not getting another Celine impromptu fashion show for months. Please let’s enjoy it while we can. 

Yours in gossip,