Celine Dion will only be in Europe for another week or so. Her Vegas residency doesn’t start up again until September 19. I wonder if she’ll stay in Paris for August. Or whether or not she’ll go on holiday somewhere. And if she does, whether or not she’ll keep giving us access to her wardrobe. Maybe it’ll be a yacht somewhere in the Caribbean. Celine yacht style. I need it.

Here’s Celine in Paris yesterday, matching her jacket to her boots and her bag. This could have been tacky as f-ck. Like Blake Lively could never make this happen. But Celine adds a certain aristocracy to it, non?

Earlier this week in Berlin, Celine greeted the press and the public in an all-leather jumpsuit with a popped collar and puff shoulders. As we know, Celine is a buyer, not a borrower. So… where is all of this going? How long before she wears it again? When you go to Graceland, part of the tour is Elvis Presley’s Memphis, a huge complex that displays his cars, personal valuables from his time in the army, and most of his most iconic outfits, like all those jumpsuits and the suits he wore in the ’68 Comeback Special. I feel like Beyoncé, who has been building her own digital museum for over a decade now, must be doing the same thing with her clothes so that one day, at the Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter Museum, we’ll be able to walk through the B-Style wing and see, in person, the silver glove from Single Ladies, the fringed sunglasses from the Diva video, the yellow dress from Run The World, the striped hat in Countdown, the captain’s hat from Love On Top, of course the fur coat from Don’t Play Yourself, and so much more, not to mention all the costumes from Destiny’s Child. Please, please, please let me be alive when the museum opens. Please let me be alive if and when Celine’s museum opens. Because where else is she going to store all of this?