I meant to get to this yesterday but we had to post all the Sexiest Man Alive posts. And then I wanted to save this for tomorrow because it’s such a great Friday weekend sendoff but in these times, we shouldn’t put off our joy. Every day a new predator - or three - is revealed. And now, more than ever, we need the earnest amazingness of Celine Dion to remind us that there is good in the world. She is the Queen Of All Feelings. And she is f-cking feeling herself at the club. 

Celine joined DJ Steve Aoki at the club in Vegas the other night for a clubbed-up version of My Heart Will Go On which then turned into Celine showing us what she’s like at a rave. That’s a word no one uses anymore - and that’s the point. She never did go to a rave when everyone else actually went to raves. But this is what she’s been doing since the death of her husband: RAVING. 


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Look at her dropping to the deck and thrashing - as much as she can thrash in what’s probably a jumpsuit worth thousands upon thousands of dollars. Can we talk about this goddamn jumpsuit? With the asymmetrical legs? I want to imagine her talking about this incredible piece of clothing, and how she’s been saving it to go to the rave. Christ Jesus, these clothes. If Law Roach isn’t ranked in top position next year on The Hollywood Reporter’s annual Power Stylist List, we should launch a formal complaint.