It’s been almost a month since I last posted about Celine Dion and that feels wrong. But she’s been keeping a pretty low profile – she last performed in Vegas on November 26 and has over a month off until her next show on December 30. 

Which is why I’ve been holding on so tightly to what my friend Lorella sent over the other day. It’s Celine delivering a holiday message as only she can. With feeling, obviously, but also a lot of corn and cheese, the kind of corn and cheese that we love from her. 


It’s a terrible line – cooking up something inside her handbag. Like, ridiculous. It’s horrible! But also… AMAZING. Because if it were anyone else you’d be cringing. With her, it’s an instant click replay. And clapping. And you’re shaking your head. But mostly, you’re laughing. This is her gift. 

Can you f-cking imagine what this year would have been like without her?