Lainey and Lorella and I talk about Celine a fair bit. Mostly we talk about Celine and Rene. How bananas it all was. How much she loved him. She grieved more than anyone will ever grieve. She mourned! Wearing black lace!

It’s like an opera taking place in real life. And we all agree that no matter what, there will never be another. Has never been, will never be another man in Celine’s life. Obviously.


Because when I saw her there, pulling it OUT for her first time ever on the MET Gala carpet (seriously, this is not a sliding scale because she’s Celine—this is great) I thought ‘what’s changed?’ Something about Celine feels different.

It’s not that she doesn’t like fashion—Lainey has always loved her backwards suit from the Oscars—or that she’s afraid to put herself out there. No dresses that look like popsicles here. But the Atelier Versace dress, the open back… in some shots it looked like a slouchy t-shirt and I was so impressed with her cazh before realizing it was basically molten silver…the black pleated leather…it all feels new, doesn’t it? 

Or most of it feels new. That headpiece is all Celine, all the day long. That makes sense. But you know… when she spoke to WWD about it, this was what she said:

'This is like having a job for the first time or having a kiss for the first time — this is big,'

Having a KISS?!? For the first time? Why was THAT the reference? How is the MET Gala like having a kiss? And aren’t we supposed to understand that Rene was her first and only kiss? Is she calling on that memory? While talking about the best/oddest fashion party in the city?

I can’t. I can’t think there’s another. Maybe she just was inspired by something she saw on Netflix. Maybe she just decided she doesn’t do enough stuff in New York. Maybe she knew that we were going to need her in our lives on a more consistent basis so she’s easing us back in.

BUT WAIT! The plot thickens. Here is a little extra – a loot bag, if you will, from Celine to us on the occasion of her first Met Ball. Ready? Sound really should be up:

Look! At! Those! Moves! Those little coy grins to the camera! We know Celine works hard but look at her fiving it all to that promo! That video reinforces what a surprisingly great choice she made with that outfit!

After watching that, I kind of convinced myself that all the newness I noticed was just Celine being herself, and amazing. But still. Now that the question’s asked, it can’t be un-asked—I know we’re all ready for Celine, Act 2. But are we ready for it if someone else comes with it? Or… are you as giddy with excitement as I am?