Celine Dion is from Quebec, Canada. And she would never say she “belongs” anywhere else. She has also, as of the last decade or so, been of Las Vegas. But when Celine Dion is in Paris… well… it’s like there’s new life. It’s like she gives herself permission to take her feelings to an even higher octave.

Last year, Celine went to Paris for Fashion Week and became the only star who mattered. This year, Celine’s been home-basing in Paris during her European tour and the tour just happened to coincide with Paris Fashion Week which means…

Front Row Celine!

All you need to know about Front Row Celine 2017 is in this video below. A contender for Best Video Of The Year. It’s not just Celine, it’s the juxtaposition of Celine and Anna Wintour. I cannot get enough of this clip:


Everyone else is too cool to give any f-cks. And Celine’s giving ALL THE F-CKS. In doing so, she’s making the other people who are pretending to not give any f-cks look like f-cking assholes. Which is not easy. Because typically it’s the “cool” posers who make the ones who care seem foolish. When it’s Celine though, who cares SO much, the posers are exposed. You see that expression on Anna’s face? She knows it too.

Please enjoy a post-long weekend selection of Celine of Paris – so much fashion porn and also some shots of her, in a luxe camel leather dress, posing herself, for some reason, all over her car. WHY NOT!?