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Which Duggar is this one? Duana is my Duggar coach. I’m always asking her, and she’s always correcting me, and she’s not around right now and I feel lost. Is this the one who named her son the gross-sounding name? Like Splooge, or something? She’s the one I call my Initiation Duggar. It was because Duana told me the story about how she and her boyfriend now husband had to graduate from arm-around-the-shoulder to handholding. Which, I suppose, doesn’t distinguish between any of the Duggars. Oh, wait, I don’t think this is that Duggar though because that Duggar isn’t married to an Aaron Rodgers lookalike. Right? He totally looks like Aaron Rodgers! I think I’m going to torment Kathleen with this. She loves Aaron Rodgers, or at least she used to. Now that he’s a f-ckboy, there might be an update. (Dlisted) 

So is this guy complimenting his wife or is he really just complimenting… HIMSELF? And should we be complimenting him? Does the fact that he’s being complimented actually challenge beauty standards or is it reinforcing them, because it’s still calling attention to the ways that she is “other”? I read Taffy Brodesser-Ackner’s essay on weight loss yesterday in New York Times Magazine just before I heard about this guy and I wonder if messages like his are celebrated, doesn’t that just mean that, as Taffy says, “weight isn’t neutral”? That “a woman’s body isn’t neutral”? And will that ever be the case? (Pajiba) 

I think it’s very nice that Celine did this for her bodyguard. I also think that… wouldn’t it have been better for her to have not bothered asking anyone else and did it herself? Like if that were me, and I’m standing next to Celine Dion, CELINE DION!, the crowd doesn’t matter, sorry. She matters. The story I would want to tell is the story of her, with that voice, and no one else’s, celebrating me. It’s what I would want on my epitaph. (Just Jared) 

If Elizabeth Olsen was wearing this in, say, October or November, I feel like it would have made a different impact. I’m all for a heavy dress but maybe not in August? Also, I think if you’re going to wear a dress like this (which, again, I quite like in a certain season), I’m not sure you wear your hair like that. But enough about her – can we talk about those wall tiles? Assuming she’s not getting her picture taken in the bathroom, is this the right tile choice for this space? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Chrissy Teigen on flying with baby Luna. I flew from Toronto to Vancouver yesterday. There was a baby in the seat behind me. And before we took off, the child was kicking the seat. After 10 minutes, I turned around, just gave a look. Not a total c-nt face but just a look to indicate that I could feel what was happening. The kicking stopped. It’s the kicking that isn’t pleasant. The noise? The noise I can handle. I’m not sure why anyone goes on a plane anymore without noise cancelling headphones. Noise cancelling headphones and binge-ing Riverdale. (Cele|bitchy) 

I am a sucker for personality quizzes. I can’t resist them. Yesterday I did two back to back at Buzzfeed – one that involved looking a photos to reveal a deep truth about yourself, which I’ve already forgotten, and the other to determine how adorable I am. I got 17 out of 70 so cuteness doesn’t want to be my friend. And then, just to round it all out, I read an article about why we can’t help ourselves when it comes to personality quizzes. (Vox)