Celine Dion was at two shows yesterday for Paris Haute Couture Week – RVDK Ronald Van Der Kemp and Valentino. Pepe was with her and, of course, she gave us a lot of good face. Let us never take this for granted. 

At Valentino, Celine sat next to Valentino and Giancarlo Giammetti during the presentation and seemed to be quite moved by all the beauty. 


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Later on though, she was seen wiping away tears: 


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It was a combination of emotions. As we know, she has shown us that she really appreciates the clothes, she really feels their power and the designer’s expression of life, its light and darkness conveyed through shape and colour and fabric, especially when set to the right piece of music – in this case, a piece of music with another layer of meaning for her personally. In the intensity of that experience, with the visual stimulation enhanced by this particular song, that many have pointed out was her wedding song, the first dance song, and this being the third anniversary of Rene Angelil’s death, Celine was clearly overcome. It’s not just what she’s been through since then but also before, caring for him during his illness. And of course this is why we are so devoted to her now – of course it’s because she’s just so naturally entertaining but underneath all that, the reason why Celine is universally beloved by everyone, EVERYONE, is because she has allowed us to care about someone real, and there has never been a doubt that with Celine, what you see is what you get, which means there’s no worry that your care will be mishandled or misplaced. 

As for the Valentino collection….

Seriously beyond. In the spirit of Celine, and it’s not even hyperbole, these pieces are proof of the divine. As I’ve been saying, the theme this season appears to be full-on, unapologetic princess. And holy sh-t, Pierpaolo Piccioli took us to the ball. These ballgowns are GLORIOUS. And they don’t come through in pictures so, please, if you have time, watch some of these. Look at how this one pops and takes the light. It’s f-cking magnificent:


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All of this decadence. All of this froth! (Frothy is currently my favourite word.) 


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Please let’s see any one of these pieces at the Oscars exactly a month from now. Like, picture Lupita in this: