Duana and I were in New York this weekend. There was a lot of emotion this weekend. Probably most of it was about Hamilton (we went on Saturday night) but… now I’m thinking some of those feelings could have been because we were feeling them from the source of all feelings? Celine Dion is also in New York.

Celine Dion is in New York… for the METGala!

I don’t think Celine has ever been to the MET Gala. I’ve searched through a few photo agencies, nothing is coming up. So, tonight, Celine Dion could be making her first appearance at the fashion Oscars, at a time when she has emerged as a fashion major. Remember, how she took over Paris Fashion Week last summer? Celine would be the first to credit her style renaissance to Roach Law, who also works with Zendaya. Law has confirmed that while Zendaya will be in Dolce & Gabbana, tonight Celine will be wearing Versace. So…

As you know, the Costume Institute this year is honouring Rei Kawakubo. There’s not a lot of immediate overlap though between Comme Des Garcons and Versace. CDG is unconventional. It’s the antithesis of body-con. And Versace? Well, Versace is all about body-con. The suggested dress code for tonight is “avant-garde”. And Celine has given us avant-garde before.

That backwards tuxedo (ahead of its time!) is much more in line with Rei Kawakubo than what we typically see at Versace. How will Donatella do “avant-garde” for Celine? Please let it not be sheer with strategic beading over the breasts and the hooter. We need to dump that look for a while. We have an opportunity here to see the Woman Of All Feelings show us some “avant-garde”. I need this in my life. Don’t you?