We’re going to start with the dress. And if you can’t get with this dress, if you can’t see the glory in this dress, I don’t know if we can move forward. What other dress would have been more perfect for this occasion, this milestone?

It was the 20th anniversary of My Heart Will Go On. Celine Dion is the Queen Of All The Feelings. That dress was a dress for all the feelings represented by two angel wing clouds hovering on either side of her. And it would be one thing if she couldn’t carry the weight of those wings, those winged feelings. But that’s never been Celine’s problem – this has always been her destiny, to be the blessed guardian, the safekeeper of every feeling that has ever been felt. It’s a burden she has carried her entire life, with grace. So no, of course this dress couldn’t overwhelm her. DID IT SOUND LIKE IT OVERWHELMED HER? Or did you hear God? Yes. You heard God. Because the dress became a part of her. She is feeling and feeling is her.

At a time when trends last five minutes, no more, when old people huff exasperatedly about how the young don’t appreciate and how back in their time there was this, that, and the other, when “current” almost always overpowers “classic”, did you ever think that it would be Celine Dion who would prevail? Who would, in 2017, be cooler than she’s ever been, more necessary, more essential than she’s ever been?

A few days ago, ahead of Celine’s performance this weekend, Billboard published the Oral History of My Heart Will Go On. If you haven’t read it yet, it will be the best thing you read today. Because it’s always the best when Celine speaks. I also love the guy who refuses to contribute to the “cockamamie” legend that Celine sang the song in one take. It’s exactly what the story needs to prevent it from being a fairytale. And Celine certainly doesn’t describe it that way either. Initially she was resistant to recording it at all. She had to be talked into it. As she said at the time, “Why do we need to break our nose?” From there it just gets more and more hysterical. Like when she casually reveals that she was on her period when she sang the demo. Or, as she puts it, “my girly days are starting to happen”. Another highlight: her reaction when asked about how Kate Winslet feels about the song. That’s the power of Celine through the years – she comes right off a page. So that even when you can’t hear her, you can feel her. And the feeling she leaves you with is never regret. Click here for the My Heart Will Go On Oral History.