It seemed weird to me yesterday, to not have a post about Celine Dion’s Parisian style porn. I’ve come to need it. I neeeeeeed it.

So here she is, yesterday, in a pyjama suit, posing, like, anywhere, even a pedestrian underpass. That works. There’s a certain grungy juxtaposition here, right? Especially since her clothes are probably worth the construction of that walkway? Is it red socks she’s wearing though? Under those strappy shoes? I hope so. Because I love the idea. This is how you make your summer heels last all year.

And this is Celine, this morning, in a pink Gucci, distributing waves and air kisses to the paps and fans waiting outside the hotel. Look at her! There’s never an off day! Every day she comes prepared to give! This woman. This woman stood for 8 hours – maybe even more – at her husband’s funeral, personally greeting every single person who came to pay their respects. There’s really no one else like her.

And then, well, there’s this. Amazing in its own entirely different way: