We can talk about the other thing in a minute, this post is reserved for the Queen of All Feelings, Celine Dion, who made a surprise return to the Grammys last night after a two year absence from the public eye due to Stiff Person Syndrome. And while nobody needs to be jumping to conclusions about where she is in her recovery, it was obviously such a relief to see that, at least on this night, she was well enough to show up to present the final award of the night, Album of the Year. 


Grammy producers were dropping clues ahead of the show about who would close the show. 


But what really had people popping off on Grammy day was Law Roach’s announcement that he was coming out of retirement for one night only. An excellent tease. 


Then, a spoiler for those of us who were all over social media during the broadcast. Not that I’m complaining, I actually screamed when I saw this and then scream-texted it to Duana who was only watching highlights on her phone but then got motivated to turn the damn thing on and watch until the end. 


Law Roach doesn’t just get it up for anyone. And now that we know it’s Celine, well, of course. She became a fashion star after working with Law. After Zendaya, it was Celine who took Law to the next level. So I can’t imagine what it would have meant to Law for Celine to have reached out to him to style her for this occasion, having been out of the limelight for so long, and returning in such a heatscore of a way, knowing how much attention it would attract – for Celine, it had to be Law. And Law, obviously, would understand that responsibility. The responsibility of being trusted by Celine. 

And, as usual, Law came through. 


The coat, really, is the main event here. This coat is BUTTER. As Rihanna would say, she looks expensive, not trying too hard to be all MEEEE, it’s MEEEEEEEE, but also respecting the gravitas of the moment with the most decadent and exclusive garment. Outerwear is the outfit, that’s the new trend set by a familiar and much-missed collaboration: Celine by #LuxuryLaw. Welcome back!