Sorry. I don’t mean to yell at you with the capitals. But… the only way I can convey my feelings or, more specifically, the feelings that Celine Dion is allowing me to feel IS BY SHOUTING AT YOU WITH THESE WORDS.

You thought we were done with Celine at the MET Gala. Please. How can the Queen Of All Feelings be contained to just one night? One night, for some celebrities, yields half a meal. One night, for Celine, will feed you for weeks.

If you’ve been on Instagram today, you may have already seen this:


That’s not even all of it. If you thought that was all of it, you have shortchanged yourself. There’s whole MINUTE more. And …do you know what Celine Dion can do in a minute? More than anyone else, OK? More feelings than anyone else. More songs than anyone else. More songs, at random, just because it’s impossible to keep all those feelings inside. Those feelings must be set free – on the wings of her voice.

Celine’s in makeup, Under Pressure.

Celine’s in a random corridor, Bohemian Rhapsody.

I’ll just get out of your way now so you can finally get to your feelings.


Speaking of Donatella though, it’s currently Sasha’s favourite Instagram account. And it really is a thing of unbelievable beauty. I mean, the videos are amazing and absurd and the f-cking best ever. But what will really send you over the edge is that every time there’s a video? The caption functions as her interpreter.

It gets funnier and crazier the more of them you watch.