I started us off today on some heavy sh-t in the intro and while I stand behind the necessity, I do get it that it’s Friday and maybe you need something lighter to balance out the dark. What’s the answer? Come on. It’s Celine.

Celine’s been home-basing it in Paris during her European tour. Every day photographers wait outside her hotel because she’s been giving them so much gold – all the fashion porn and also all the feelings. Today Celine gave them a different feeling: she gave them some yoga feelings.

Check her out, in athleisure (even her athleisure gear these days is dope AF), throwing down a little tree pose. I only know this was called tree pose from googling “yoga poses” and this came up as vriksasana, but in the google pictures, you’re supposed to put your hands together over your head. Celine evidently wanted to modify. And then she burst out laughing, because even she knows she’s too f-cking much. Too f-cking much amazing.

Here’s the song I have on repeat today. Did Celine really let another man kiss her in a video?!? How did I forget about this?