Dear Gossips,

I am currently in Japan which means I have no idea what time it is in North America. Yes, I understand numerically what the time difference is but I’m still so confused. My brain is confused when I try compute why you’re reading this on Monday when I’m already into Tuesday and my body is confused because it doesn’t understand what just happened it to it. 


I’ll be in this time zone for the next month or so (after Japan I’m heading to Hong Kong) which means that on the days when I’m editing, I’ll either be ahead of the gossip or behind, depending on when the gossip takes place. On days when Sarah is editing, and she’ll be holding it down a lot more while I’m away, your gossip schedule will be normal. Maybe this will be the new normal overall, and I say this because right now, I don’t ever want to come home. Everything is better in Japan! Especially the fashion. 


Yesterday I actually had a temper tantrum inside a sporting goods store because when I hit the golf section, I saw brands and styles that are totally unavailable in North America and outfits from recognisable brands in North America that are also not available in North America. Which means they only send the good sh-t here. Which should be a kick in the ass to golfers in North America since, obviously, the people who make the clothing think that sending the good sh-t to North America is wasted on North Americans because of our janky golf fashion. LET’s PICK IT UP, North America! 

Also yesterday Jacek, the white man, went to an Asian 7-Eleven for the first time in his life. Anyone who has come to Japan understands what I mean when I say that the 7-Elevens here, and generally across East Asia, are the jewels of the region. You can eat like a king at 7-Eleven. Why the f-ck are the 7-Elevens in North America were food goes to die? 


But let me take it back to the western time zone. Because as great as it is over here, it was much better in Vegas this weekend as our Queen of All Feelings, Celine Dion, made her second public appearance in a week at Katy Perry’s show. 


Just last week, Celine was seen in the Habs locker room when they played the Golden Knights. And this is notable because she has been out of sight for a loooong time for health issues. These are excellent signs – and no, we should not be in any hurry for her to come back and perform, and there should be no expectations of it either, but if she’s well enough to be out at concerts and sporting events, it means she’s hopefully able to reclaim some of the quality of life that she deserves: spending time with her children, engaging in cultural activities. In other words, LIVING and FEELING. A person who has as many feelings as Celine does should be feeling and living as fully as she can.


Also seen at the Katy Perry show – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle who were hanging out with Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden and also Orlando Bloom. 

The Sussexes are expanding their Hollywood friend circle. I wonder if they’ll eventually make their way over to Taylor Swift. Meghan is already under the guardianship of Beyoncé and if she ends up also securing the protection of Swift Nation, that’s basically the new royal family. 

Yours in gossip,