It’s not Paris Fashion Week. It’s Celine Couture Week. And it comes to an end on Thursday as Celine plays Nice before heading to Germany on Sunday and then the UK a week later where she’ll perform 7 shows before heading to back to the US. Holy sh-t, will we be getting a Celine Fashion Week in London too as a mid-summer bonus?

But let’s stay in the present, and continue to enjoy her time in France, where she has dominated, completely annihilated, every other runway by creating her own. As Celine Fashion Week comes to a close in Paris, her “image architect” Law Roach, who also works with Zendaya, is speaking with Vanity Fair and WWD about their relationship.

It was through Zendaya that Celine found Law, as he explains during his interview with Vanity Fair, because she was watching KC Undercover on Disney with her kids and liked Zendaya’s look. So she googled Zendaya to find out about Zendaya’s style and eventually was able to track down Law’s contact information and rang him up herself.

Can we just take some time to appreciate that?

Celine f-cking Dion googled Zendaya so that she could track down Law and called him up and was like, oh hey, bonjour, it’s Celine, let’s play dress up.


That was last year. And, right away, she “invited him to move to Paris for a month” so that they could start working together. I want to spend time on this because this is not a small point. It’s not a small thing for Celine to invest in someone. So that they can invest in her. That tells you something about the way she works. She’s not one of these assholes who expects people to give it up for free, for the privilege of being in her orbit. You know how we know this?

Because it’s been well known forever that Celine BUYS. Very few of them put down their own cash money for the luxury clothes that you see them wearing. Celine, on the other hand, as Law told WWD:

“She buys couture, so it was only right for her to be at the couture shows.”

That’s why he referred to her “archive” the other day on Instagram. About working with a client who has an “archive”. And, sure, Celine is rich as f-ck. Of course she can afford to buy. But the point is that not all of them do. In fact, most of them borrow. And they still f-cking complain about being asked about what they’re wearing when the only reason they’re wearing it is because it was loaned to them for the purpose of the goddamn namecheck.

And then you have Celine, who’s not at all f-cking offended when you talk to her about the clothes she paid for, which means she doesn’t have to talk about them at all, but she does it anyway because it’s so much fun and because, it turns out, they’re helping her heal. Law Roach again, in Vanity Fair:

“She also credits me, and what we did, and the clothes, and the shoes, and the bags, and the jewelry, and couture week, and the shows, and all that to helping her through her grieving process,” said Roach. “I’m sure her grieving process will never be over. She’ll probably grieve her husband for the rest of her life because she was with him for so long. But she has said that what we did last year in Paris really helped her through that process. For me that’s more than anything else. That’s more than accolades, that’s more than being interviewed by Vanity Fair, that is something that I’ll take with me forever.”

It’s obvious how much Law adores Celine. She’s Celine, so it’s not hard. But there’s an appreciation there for how much she appreciates him. She CREDITS him. She lets him know that he is valued. She tells him what his value is. And for an artist like Law Roach, you can’t ask for more in a client. Especially a client who is willing to FEEL it as hard as she feels it. All the feelings. But one:

“Céline has no fear. And when you have that type of energy, you have this attitude that we can do whatever we want and we don’t care who likes it or dislikes it. Fashion is supposed to be polarizing. It has to be overwhelming.”

That’s why we’re here, right? Yes, the clothes are beautiful. They’re works of art. But it’s the clothes on HER that make it so special. She’s wearing them with that “type of energy”. Sh-t, sometimes she’s wearing them like her life depends on it… while knowing that it’s ridiculous to seem like your life is depending on a pair of pants. And that’s part of the charm too. Vanity Fair’s article is about How Celine Dion Became A Fashion Icon at 49- but the truth is…aren’t we the ones who needed to catch up to her?