Dear Gossips,

Celine Dion’s Las Vegas residency came to an end this weekend. It’s been 16 years. Over 1,100 shows, 4.5 million fans, lots of lunging, so much chest-thumping, many, many bad jokes/amazing Celine-isms, and of course…

The songs. 

The voice. 


As you can imagine, there were a lot of feelings on Saturday night. Her three sons came out to join her at the end of the show, as a photo of her with late husband, Rene Angelil, was projected on the screen behind them. 

She talked out Rene, how they built this together, that that stage was a home for them. And beyond that, it’s become a legacy. Think about what Vegas was for popstars before Celine. Think about what Vegas is now. Britney Spears had a residency. Jennifer Lopez had a residency. Lady Gaga has a residency. Bruno Mars will soon have a residency. None of that happens without Celine Dion. As Kevin Fallon wrote at The Daily Beast this weekend, “Celine Dion changed Las Vegas – and the Music Industry as we know it”. Give her the respect she deserves for that. 

Going forward, tell your people what happened here. Tell them that all the artists who’ve played Vegas since, tell them they live by the grace of Her Majesty. When they come forward with notions that someone else did more and/or that she wasn’t all that big of a deal, remind them what happened when Celine Dion and her Feelings came to Vegas. 

Here’s Celine celebrating her own fireworks by, obviously, acting out the lyrics to her own song. 

A New Day indeed. You know what’s reassuring though? Whatever a New Day looks like for Celine, there will always, always be moments like this – did you hear what happened when an audience member had to go pee during the show on Saturday? SHE WAITED FOR HIM. 

There it is. And that will never change. She’ll always be that goofy, that weird, and that much fun. We can always count on Celine. 

Yours in gossip,