Is courage a feeling? Because if it is, it now belongs to the Queen of All Feelings, Celine Dion. It is the title of her new album, out tomorrow. It is the title of the new song, with a new video, just released. Celine is shot in black and white, sometimes in silhouette. She is alone on stage, with her back to us in certain moments, facing a blank screen, a great unknowable future, and she’s telling us that she needs courage – and all the feelings that have ever existed, all the feelings she’s claimed for herself – to do it by herself. At the end, those feelings, every single of one of them, descend in a single tear down her cheek. 


Has there ever been a more perfectly Celine Dion video? 

For the last couple of months, Celine has been on tour across North America. She’s currently on a brief timeout to promote the album and was seen in New York yesterday, dripping in turquoise. This, of course, is the Outfit of the Week. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow. How could I wait another day to talk about this amazingness? 

I mean the boots alone could have taken it – the best green boots I think I’ve ever seen. But it’s the way the boots slightly clash with the rest of the outfit but also totally compliment the monochrome, God this is good, it’s so, so good. And then there’s the matching fanny pack, which is not really a fanny pack anymore the way we wear it now, as demonstrated the way Celine is wearing it here. Does she really need the fanny pack though? Of course not. It’s probably empty. But it completes the look. It’s why Celine has become a fashion icon, why Celine is more popular, more adored, more celebrated now than she’s ever been. 

And moments like this don’t hurt – from her new interview with Gayle King. You can watch the longer clip here to see her answers about her favourite movies and what show she’s bingeing (spoiler: she doesn’t know what bingeing means) but it’s what she says about her favourite meal that will make you delirious: 

It’s when Gayle thinks she’s finished, right? Gayle thinks Celine is done and tries to keep going. Pump the brakes, Gayle! This isn’t new! It’s not Celine if she doesn’t take you, and peanut butter, in a totally different direction. I dare you to try watching this just once. You won’t be able to. You’re going to hit replay so many times today and at the end of the day you’ll do it all over again. Celine owns all the feelings, and now she’s taken over peanut butter too.