Arguments for: 
- Black Panther is the most highly anticipated movie of 2018. I would even say it’s the most highly anticipated movie period but then Star Wars nerds would be all up in their feelings about that and we don’t need a MCU Star Wars battle right now. Aren’t they the same family anyway?
- Anyway. Chadwick Boseman would be a bold choice for PEOPLE. It’s a more of-the-moment choice than Will Smith. It’s inclusive. When Black Panther becomes the big f-cking deal it most certainly will be, PEOPLE will look like they anticipated the curve instead of living in their same old lane. 
- Chadwick Boseman emerged onto the scene properly a MAN. There’s no collective memory of him early in his career that’s in any way boyish. This is an important factor to consider because even though the Sexiest Man Alive is targeted to women, most of the time, PEOPLE’s selection also gets the dude vote. Women want the SMA. And men have to want to be the SMA. Chadwick Boseman certainly satisfies that criteria. 
- It’s not like the advance hype for Disney and Marvel wouldn’t be appreciated. And it’s not like PEOPLE wouldn’t want to suck up to Disney. 

Arguments against: 
- Chadwick will be a household name in February. Now though? Will everyone who sees his face at the supermarket know his name? Will even half of the people who see his face on the cover know his name? It may be a year too soon. Will the MiniVan Majority be like...who? And if they say “who?! will they spend $5 finding out?
- Can the PEOPLE demo handle Chadwick Boseman, the Black Panther, being the Sexiest Man Alive? He’s not just a superhero. He’s a superhero from Wakanda. His very identity is political. And you know how the MiniVan Majority feels about that message. Does PEOPLE have the balls for this? 
- Would Chadwick Boseman accept the invitation? He will instantly leap to another level of fame in February. We don’t know yet, exactly, what Chadwick’s approach to fame will be. He may not be interested in this kind of fame game. And he may not be interested at all in ingratiating himself to the MiniVan Majority. 
- They’ve done a great job releasing just enough information about Black Panther without giving too much away. It may not yet be time for Chadwick to talk about the role and the movie. Which would make the SMA interview kinda pointless. 

Odds: 15 to 1