She’s always had a name, of course, but until yesterday, Chadwick Boseman had kept his personal life so on lock we didn’t know his girlfriend’s name. Well, at least, most blogs and publications didn’t know her name. Her name is Taylor Simone Ledword and she’s a singer. 

We know this information because Taylor Simone Ledword’s grandmother confirmed to In Touch that "she's very happy and he is too." The “he” being King T’Challa, king of the box office, king of our hearts. She also said, "They respect each other." I’m all for sh-tting on Rogue Relatives when they are going on reality shows or when their names are Mathew Knowles but in this case, I’m not mad at Taylor Simone Ledword’s rogue grandma. What she says here is super sweet and now we can call Taylor Simone by her name instead of referring to her as some girlfriend. 

Taylor and Chadwick have been together since 2015, according to The Daily Mail’s “sources.”  It’s not like Chadwick has been hiding Taylor. They were spotted together during the NBA All-Star Weekend. Chadwick has repeatedly referred to her in interviews as “my lady.” The reason this doesn’t feel as gross to me as when Justin Timberlake refuses to say Jessica Biel’s name and just calls her “my wife” is that Chadwick Boseman is clearly a private person who was probably trying to keep Taylor Simone Ledword’s name out of magazines like In Touch. But once you become King T’Challa, king of the box office and king of our hearts, it’s only inevitable that a relative or two will go rogue – or that magazines will care enough to reach out to relatives. 

Plus, now that we know Taylor Simone Ledword’s name, we know exactly who our competition is. Just kidding, the only man I’m competing for is Michael Bae Jordan, King of Just My Heart And No One Else’s Forever. 

So will Taylor Simone Ledword show up to Saturday Night Live this weekend to support Chadwick as he takes on hosting duties for the first time alongside musical guest Cardi B? I don’t watch SNL on the regular but this weekend, my PVR is set. 

Based on the new SNL promo, it looks like we can expect lots of bad Vibranium jokes. Anyone else lose their sh-t every time they hear Chadwick’s real voice? His talent for accents and changing his cadence is unparalleled. All I ask is for a skit with Cardi B and Black Panther. PLEASE.