Channing Tatum made a surprise appearance on Britain’s Got Talent last night to announce that Magic Mike Live will be opening in London in November. Have you been to the one in Vegas? If so, please let me know how it is. I really want to go, I just haven’t been to Vegas, period, in three years. My ultimate dream would be to go with Roxane Gay. Roxane, as we know, loves Magic Mike. She’s also been hanging out with Channing Tatum working on a secret project and I want to know how much longer we have to wait before we find out what, exactly, that is. 

When I looked at these shots of Channing this morning, and these other shots I’ve attached of him today, outside the theatre promoting the show, in a green short sleeve printed top with green pants and black Timberlands, my first thought was…does he look really good? Is this a “post breakup makeover”? I want it to be. People talk a lot about the “post breakup makeover” but it’s almost always about women. It’s not just women. Men too. Allllll the time. Not that Chan needed a makeover, although there have been times when he hasn’t seemed all that fresh. The freshness though is here – clothes fit really well, crisp haircut, no bloat on the face. Am I imagining it or do you see it too?