Cate Blanchett was in New York last night to receive the prestigious Chaplin Award by Film at Lincoln Centre. At 52, she is one of the youngest recipients of the award, just 38 days older than Tom Hanks when he won it at 52 too. Take a look at the list of previous recipients - these are heavyweights among heavyweights. And Cate acknowledged as much when she was interviewed on the red carpet, saying she’s feeling the weight of the honour, to be included in this class of artists. 


You’ll note that she talks about a podcast in that in clip. Indeed, Cate Blanchett is now a podcaster. Climate of Change just launched a few days ago on Audible and it’s a two-season deal. Cate co-created and co-hosts with her friend, Danny Kennedy the CEO of the non-profit New Energy Nexus and the managing director of the California Clean Energy Fund. They did a joint interview with The Guardian last week to promote the show and talk about their objective – mainly to “turn the magnet towards optimism”, because we’re probably all overwhelmed and stuck and despondent, and it sounds like what they’re trying to highlight is what action is being taken and what’s actually working. I’m going to give it a listen later on my drive home. 


As for Cate…being that she’s in New York… and we’re just six days away from the Met Gala …

Will she? 

It’s actually been a decade since Cate last attended the Met Gala. I know, right? It seems impossible. But maybe it’s because we’re confusing her at the Met Gala in real life with her being at the Met Gala in movie life – in Oceans Eight, of course. But seriously, one of the most consistently exciting celebrities on the red carpet has not been on the Met Gala red carpet in ten years. Which is a bummer because Cate can KILL it on the red carpet. But the Met Gala doesn’t seem to be her thing…? 

Maybe that changes this year. Or maybe, probably?, she won’t bother, because it really is a long night, and that might not be her crowd. Unless, of course, she hooks up with her good friend Sarah Paulson and they decide to make it silly and fun. 


Until now, enjoy her in this amazing Louis Vuitton sequined cape over a slinky black slip dress.