I adore Emma Chance’s piece on Charles Melton which is basically just chronicling her gradual, line by line, answer by answer, submission to his charms. He is sweet and earnest and appreciative and self-aware and it’s a full takeover, one culture critic at a time! (Pajiba)


Staying with Charles Melton, here’s Michael Kwan writing about how his performance in May December is also an indictment of Asian male stereotypes and anti-Asian racism, making the case that Joe and Vili Fualaau’s Asianness was used against them both onscreen and in real life. (Pop Sugar) 

Last week I laughed at Prince William and Kate’s “quiet luxury” holiday card and this was before all those headlines about Prince Louis’ missing finger. This week Tatler is declaring Princess Kate the “queen of quiet luxury”. Um, I think Gwyneth Paltrow would have something to say about that. (Cele|bitchy)


Leighton Meester looking lovely in red – and NOT green, lol – and the Fug Girls are right… we need more Leighton Meester and this is an unofficial joint Gossip Genie wish with Go Fug Yourself that in 2024, we will see Leighton Meester in everything that Leighton Meester wants to be in. (Go Fug Yourself)

This wonderful essay by Andrew Calis on the beauty of Palestinian poetry. The four lines from “From the Diary of an Almost-Four-Year-Old” is just 20 words, and probably the most powerful thing I’ve read all year. (The Atlantic)