These pictures crack me up. It’s the expression on Guy Ritchie’s face as he stands in between Charlie Hunnam and David Beckham, both of them known for being super hot. What Guy knows in this moment is that he is the troll of the trio. Sorry, but it’s true. Like there may have been a time, during the Madonna era, when Guy Ritchie could have been sexy if you squinted but now? Please. Don’t waste your energy. And don’t bother accusing me of looks-shaming him either because, really? Did he just direct a $100 million movie? Is he directing Aladdin, another monster budget movie? Yes and yes? So, as a straight white man his appearance doesn’t get in the way of his opportunities? Right. Can we move on then?

Because now we need to talk about David Beckham’s acting. He has a small part in King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword. Becks is good at many things. Effective public speaking is not one of them. As for acting…

There’s been some commentary about his acting. “Spectacularly wooden” is one description. And of course the British tabloids immediately picked up on the Twitter reaction after a clip aired in the UK featuring Becks trying to believably deliver his lines: 

So… is he really that bad? Maybe over in England they’re used to a higher standard. Because here, in North America, where we have to tolerate so much terrible acting (can we all agree that Ben Affleck is a bad actor?) and Vin Diesel and Scott Eastwood, I’m actually not that bothered by David’s? Let me know your thoughts.