This is our first post about Charlie Hunnam of 2018. Lainey is usually the one bringing you the thirst when it comes to Charlie Hunnam but she’s busy with one of her 16 jobs so here I am, attempting to feel some type of way about Jax Teller. I understand that he’s good looking but I only watched Sons of Anarchy for about a season and a half so he doesn’t do it for me like he does it for some of you. If we’re picking nondescript white actors with accents, I’m going to choose Liam Hemsworth every time. 
However, when our site manager, Emily, sent me these photos of Charlie heading to a rehearsal in Hollywood wearing the sh-t out of these fancy sweatpants, I’ll admit that I got a bit excited… about the pants. These sweats turn me on more than Hunnam does but it does take a certain type of man and physique to pull off this particular athleisure trend. He looks GOOD in these. I like the drawstrings. I’m really into the drop crotch and the way they cinch at the ankles. Actually, I think I want a pair for myself. Are matching his and hers sweatpants a thing? Can I make this happen? 

I’m not the only one turned on by hot guys wearing sweatpants. It’s a thing. There are entire Instagram feeds dedicated to dudes in sweatpants. These are for grey specifically but I don’t discriminate when it comes to the colour of man sweats. I do think the cut is very important. They have to be looser around the crotch and thighs. They must taper in at the bottom. And contrary to popular belief, I think the right pair of sweatpants can be worn on a date. My partner and I go to the movies in sweats all the time. He’s got multiple pairs of stylish sweat pants and I’m totally OK with him wearing them in public. Is this a millennial thing? To the Gen Xers, if a guy showed up for a date (a chill date, not like, the symphony) would you care? I think I’d be even more attracted to him. Michael B. Jordan, for example, can woo me in whatever pants he wants. Yes, I just threw in an MBaeJ mention in here so he wouldn’t get jealous. 

Back to Charlie Hunnam. He’s also wearing a t-shirt that says “In Jiu Jitsu We Trust” which means, of course, that he’ll be the next target of Demi Lovato’s thirst trap