Someone sent this to me on Instagram – a holiday message that Charlie Hunnam sent to one of his fan-friends in bed, because he’s sick. And he references Man Flu, that never-ending debate about whether or not men get it worse when it’s either the cold or the flu. Jacek, my husband, just tried this with me a couple of weeks ago, sending over a research study that might support the claim, although everyone involved has been quite clear in saying that more evidence is needed and this by no means conclusive. If it ends up being conclusive though, doesn’t that mean that men are actually biologically designer to be weaker and more vulnerable than women? 

Anyway, this, evidently, does not apply to Charlie because he works through all his ailments, although he seemed to not be able to get out of bed for Christmas – and the reason has nothing to do with gender, it might have to do with diet? 


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Hey, don’t get mad at me. I didn’t say it. He said it. I’m not here to sh-t on veganism, please send him your vegan evangelist emails, not me. 

In other Charlie news, did you know he’s friends with Demi Lovato? They had lunch just before Christmas last week along with a couple of other people. I think it’s the MMA connection.