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A quick picture post to start the day…

Charlie Hunnam was photographed yesterday with cash spilling out of his wallet after having lunch with a friend. Sarah always makes fun of Canadian money (and Canadians get huffy at her, which always makes me laugh) when she’s here because of all the different colours we use. And also, I think, its texture. Canadian currency is printed on a waxy kind of paper now that makes it more durable. She mocks it as “monopoly money”. That might have something to do with the exchange rate too. As a Canadian, obviously, I prefer it to American dollars. Because I can never f-cking tell the denominations apart. Call me a simpleton but I like looking in my wallet and being able to see exactly how much money I have in there based on the colour separation. With American cash, sometime you think you’re high-rolling and then you realise it’s just a pile of ones. 

Anyway, Charlie’s been pretty quiet lately after a sort of up and down year as King Arthur was a bust but The Lost City Of Z was very well received. Also Papillon was screened at TIFF and no one much talked about it and I’m not sure it even has a distributor yet. Charlie’s next project is supposed to be a film called Triple Frontier which has been in development forever and has since gone through several directors and casting changes (Ben Affleck was once attached). If the project does go forward though, Charlie would be costarring with his friend and celebrity twin Garrett Hedlund. Here’s Garrett last night at the GQ Men of the Year event in LA. Garrett’s been around a lot more lately than Charlie because he’s in Mudbound, which is picking up some solid award season momentum. That’s a good suit on him but he has the same problem Charlie has in that he never looks as good on a carpet as he does when he’s in motion. It’s like they don’t know how to stand. 

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