Migos began the night at the BET Awards by getting into some drama with Joe Budden. They ended the night by getting into some drama with Chris Brown. At this point, everyone is fighting each other. Because while Migos is battling Joe and Chris, Joe’s had a longstanding beef against Drake and, a few weeks ago, he looked like a dumbass during an uncomfortable interview with Lil Yachty. Chris Brown, as you know, well, he’s been a dumbass for almost a decade now. And he was probably being a dumbass at BET because Karrueche was there and she and Quavo are supposedly doing it. Point of the story – everybody sucks. (Dlisted) 

Peeing is a major preoccupation in my life because I have to do it all the time. It’s important to stay hydrated. And since I’m a fainter, I really, really have to hydrate, especially when it’s hot. But I also have a really, really small bladder. This is why I can’t leave my house without a bathroom strategy. Kelly Osbourne obviously did not have a bathroom strategy. (Jezebel) 

This is what Charlie Hunnam wears when he’s just lounging around the house. That white t-shirt? It’s really clean. All of Jacek’s white lounge-around-the-house t-shirts have stains on them. He’s a messy eater, something that’s always made me crazy. Because it’s not that he’s sloppy, it’s that he always eats like he’s in a f-cking rush. Every bite he takes is at least 3 times the size of the bites I take. When he eats a porkchop? It’s three bites, tops. Inevitably you’re going to spill. I’m assuming now that Charlie Hunnam does not rush through his food. (Just Jared) 

This is a great question: IF Prince Harry proposes to Meghan Markle, will he, like his brother, present her with a piece of jewellery that used to belong to his mother? And IF so, which one? I’m not an expert in Diana’s gems but, supposedly, Harry’s figured out how to do it and it’s already in process. Can we go back to Diana’s sapphire that now belongs to Kate? Did you ever think it was bad luck? (Cele|bitchy)

I’m really not sure about this necklace on Kristen Wiig. And I’m definitely not sure about it paired with this dress. That said, I’ve never been big on chunky necklaces. Duana is though and I could totally see her doing this but she would never, ever go with those shoes. I don’t understand how these shoes were even an option. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Why hasn’t K-Pop taken over North America? Judging by the reaction any time Korean acts show up in the west, it’s not like they don’t have an engaged and seriously committed fanbase. Remember when BTS was at the Billboard Awards last month? People lost their minds. The screams for them were the loudest of the night. Me, personally, I find their band names hard to remember. It’s always, like, BTS or N2X7V2. That’s only my problem though. The real problem for K-Pop is the army interruption. Like Elvis! Elvis served two years in Germany, at the height of his (then) career. And he was always, always anxious that he’d never be the same after the break. In many ways, he was right. (New York Times)