Charlize Theron has finally accepted she is not as famous Kim Kardashian. As Maria says, though, reality TV fame is a different kind of famous from a movie star. Kim might be more famous in terms of basic face-name recognition, but I argue that movie stars still, even in the diminished post-capital letters era, have a mystique reality stars don’t. It’s why the Kardashians—among many others—keep trying to become known for other things, like clothing lines and makeup lines and skincare lines and modelling. It’s the eternal paradox of fame, everyone wants what they don’t have. The reality stars want the mystique, the movie stars want the mass global recognition (because for them, that often translates into what movies they can get made). No one is ever happy in their lane. (DListed)


Prepare for Blonde by observing some of Marilyn Monroe’s best films (The Misfits gets my vote for her all-time best performance). Her movies are kind of all over the place if you’re looking to stream, though. Some are on “The Roku Channel”, which I do not believe is a real thing, Niagara is on The Criterion Channel, you can rent The Misfits on Amazon, iTunes, etc., for a few bucks. It’s strange that Marilyn Monroe is one of the most enduring Movie Stars of all time, yet you have to put your back into it if you want to watch her movies. You think her actual WORK would be ubiquitous, but it isn’t. Just goes to my theory people don’t really care about Marilyn, they’re just into the conspiracies and baseless speculation. Blonde isn’t going to help with that. (Popsugar)

Friday Funsies with Moschino! The theme of their spring/summer 2023 show is “The Love Boat”, and it is appropriately NUTS. Genuinely love all of this, who will be daring and cool enough to wear these looks on the red carpet? (Go Fug Yourself)

I do not understand the logic of sending Queen Camilla to the US to “counteract” the Sussexes? Genuinely no offense meant, but sending a septuagenarian best known on this side of the pond for making Princess Diana miserable is not going to do anything in re: the Sussexes. Maybe the royal family should just put their heads down, do some good works for a while, and see what happens. (Celebitchy)


Greyson Chance was a viral singing sensation at twelve, with his burgeoning music career bolstered by Ellen DeGeneres. She had him on her show—at the height of her popularity—and even signed him to her label under Interscope Records. But when Greyson, who sounds like he just wanted to be a kid and not a superstar, didn’t turn into the next Justin Bieber, who always wanted to be a superstar and not a kid, Chance says DeGeneres froze him out, eventually dropping him from her label. He has a new album now, at age twenty-five, and generally sounds much better prepared for the music industry than he ever could have been at twelve. Of course, it’s not lost on me that Chance’s biggest, er, chance to promote his album is by talking about his experiences with DeGeneres. But it’s also yet another story of adults exploiting kids in the entertainment industry, and WHEN are we just going to admit kids probably shouldn’t be in the entertainment industry, period? I mean, this sh-t goes back at least as far as Mozart. Wheeling kids out to perform on command almost never ends well, good on Greyson Chance for keeping it together long enough to take a second shot at his music dreams, when he is actually read for it. (Rolling Stone)