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The Met Gala is happening on Monday night. Charlize Theron has been to the Met Gala a few times but she’s not a super regular. She’s been in New York all week, however, to promote Tully, which just opened. Sarah’s review will be posted later today. Will Charlize stay the weekend to go to the event? 

The last time she was at the Met Gala was in 2014. With Sean Penn

I really hope she’s there this year. She’s a Dior ambassador so it would make total sense for her to be at their table and it’s added publicity for the film – Tully has been well-received. Also? Her outfits on this press tour have been fire. 

Did you see the boots she was wearing the other day? THESE BOOTS.

Charlize Boots

These boots are giving me my life. This whole outfit, actually. The kilt, the belt, the t-shirt, the jacket worn over the shoulders…all of it. 

So imagine Charlize Theron at the Met Gala where the theme for 2018 is “Heavenly Bodies”. And while it’s true that Charlize in Dior at major carpets hasn’t always been all that exciting, I do like what we’ve seen from Dior under Maria Grazia Chiuri. There was a lot of black and white at the couture show in January. Some of it was total virgin bride, like this:

Dior White

Spectacular, non? 

And some of it was almost papal. Or, rather, cardinal:

Dior Black

It’s a pretty literal interpretation of the theme. But with the right accessories to add drama, it could totally be a moment. 

More on the Met Gala today and Monday and on this week's episode of Show Your Work, which will be posted later this morning. Have a great weekend!

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