There’s a reason why Charlize Theron is so valuable to Dior. Of all their ambassadors, only she could have pulled off this look. The look itself is… well, there’s really not much to it, but on her, especially given the character she’s playing and the movie she’s promoting, it’s actually perfect. Like I can picture her in this outfit beating the sh-t out of someone and then going upstairs to f-ck right after. (Dlisted)

Princess Kate wears a dress made by a Polish designer and ruins it, again, with her hair. Also she makes a joke about babies. There are actually some people who are convinced she’s pregnant again. Or that she will be pregnant again by 2018. So IF Prince Harry gets married in 2018, Kate might be pregnant at the wedding? A royal wedding and another royal baby in the same year? (Cele|bitchy) 

Jason Momoa went to the beach and did not take his shirt off. That doesn’t mean you won’t get a lot out of these pictures though. I’m enjoying them just fine. Especially the shot of how the wind is blowing up his tank top from behind and you can get a good look at his back. (Pop Sugar) 

So there’s going to be a movie about Chippendales and you’re like, um, OK, I never asked for it but sure, why not? Who’s going to be gyrating in a pair of hotpants with a bowtie? And then you find out Dev Patel is in the movie and there’s another bonus, great. But… it turns out Chippendales, the backstory, is actually really murdery. (Pajiba) 

Now that Beyoncé has given us permission to know the names of the heavenly #beybies, you need to know the birth order, right? Who’s older, Sir or Rumi? Speaking of twins, did you know that Elvis was a twin? He was second. His older brother, Jesse Garon, was stillborn. Elvis arrived half an hour later. Half an hour! And supposedly his parents didn’t know that it was twins because, back then, they didn’t have access to the technology. There are so many theories about how being a twin affected Elvis’s life, in particularly his relationship with his ma, Gladys, who coddled him, probably to his detriment. (TMZ) 

I do not yet know what Duana’s reaction is to this. I feel like she should be ecstatic. But, then again, she’s such a contrarian that she’ll probably have something to say about the singing or the application of the lyrics, since she really and truly is a Hamilton scholar. That said, for whatever it’s worth, I think this is the best. And so smart. And I don’t understand how people come up with these things so goddamn quickly. (Entertainment Weekly)