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Demi Lovato has a new boyfriend. It’s not the dude from The Bachelor. Austin Wilson is a model. He’s apparently popular on Instagram and now he and Demi are IG-official. When I first saw this I was like....is Demi Lovato dating Jaden Smith? Because doesn’t he look, like from afar, like Jaden Smith? Does he want to look like Jaden Smith? Am I the only one who sees this? (Dlisted) 
Charlize Theron looked incredible in gold last night. And it’s a high degree of difficulty, this dress. But her hair is what kicks it all off. Short and sleek so as not to get in the way of all this metallic and fringe. You see how the material has some wrinkle in it from the wearing, probably as she sat in the car? That’s what I mean about the difficulty. With her hair so short and the shoulders all the way exposed, yours eyes aren’t drawn there, not fixated there. And then the fringe does the rest of the work. (Go Fug Yourself)

Prince Albert met up with Prince Harry recently and talked to him briefly about all the f-cksh-t that’s been happening with the British press. According to Albert, Harry told him that he feels bullied. And Albert extended his support, Royal to royal. Which is great. Especially for Albert. This is the most press in America and the UK that he’s gotten in years. (Cele|bitchy) 
As we’ve been expecting, it does indeed look like Justin Bieber will be releasing new music soon. Because he’s ready. Of course. And maybe a little because Selena Gomez’s comeback was so successful? No! Lainey, you bitch, JB doesn’t care about Selena and he would never tit for tat like this, he has his own life and wife. Ok. Let’s talk about his new music then. He’s trademarked “R&Bieber”. This is already making me uncomfortable. (TMZ) 
As you know if you’re a regular visitor of this site, I am loud as f-ck about my birthday. Which was almost two months ago and I still find ways to talk about it. So I feel scolded by this piece by Katie Heaney about birthday whores. She’s not wrong. And it’s too much, having a birthday week. But at the same time, I’m not going to change. I will accept that it’s obnoxious and narcissistic, I won’t fight you on that. But I refuse to change for the better. I’m a determined asshole piece of sh-t c-nt. (The Cut) 


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