It’s because her bar is so high. Like, was Charlize Theron’s dress as bad as, say, Kacey Musgraves’s? Well, no. But also they’re not playing on the same field, at least not yet. Kacey’s still getting to her style level. Charlize is at the top already. So a dress like this, by her established standard, is a disappointment. To be fair, it doesn’t photograph as well as it looks in person. In person it’s fine, I guess. But I don’t think it was built well enough to deserve her. 

Last week, in a post about Gisele Bundchen, I wrote about how hard it is to wear white. This blue-grey Dior on Charlize may as well have been white because of the lightness of the colour and the degree of difficulty of the fabric. Remember, this is Charlize Theron. She knows how to pose to best showcase the piece. But check out how it’s sitting on her body:


See the crease and the folds? And the dips? And how the breasts are sitting all weird? It’s a GREAT design, for sure. Like the idea is there – high collar, strong shoulder, open back – but I just don’t know if the material is living up to the creative. For example, the open back requires a certain support construction in the chest area. I feel like that’s why the chest area has been built to a point like that. In the execution though, it ends up looking like she’s wearing a bandeau. You know how a bandeau pushes your tits down from the top and up from the bottom so that the effect is a sausage shape from one side to the other? That’s what’s going on here. And it’s too bad because I really like this hair colour and length on her and from the shoulders up, with that necklace, the look is perfection. But she is a woman who should be styled to detail and specification – sharp, polished, clean lines – and I’m not sure this meets the grade.