Charlize Theron tells Drew Barrymore that while she’s been on a few dates, but she hasn’t dated anyone in five years and she’s not really looking. If someone comes along, they’re going to have to really make a case of how they would improve her life because her life is pretty f-cking good right now which is in and of itself Big Dick Energy – not that anyone was doubting that Charlize has the BDE. That said… while she isn’t dating, doesn’t have a partner, I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s still getting it now and again, you know? Hey, how are you, let’s get down, and when we’re done, I’ll get your Uber. At least up until six months ago.  (Dlisted) 


I didn’t know I needed this until I gave four minutes of my life to it and I have no regrets. In fact, I’m about to hit play on another four minutes of Jean Claude Van Damme dancing and while I know you think this is a joke, it’s not. The song isn’t bad and his moves are mesmerising and maybe even kinda sexy and I’m not just saying that because I’m horny. He’s a better dancer than Leonardo DiCaprio, there I said it. (Pajiba) 

Before the pandemic, we were seeing red carpet looks that were flouffy and excessive, wildly voluminous dresses on the runway in bold colours – it was extra, it was drama, it was frivolous and fun. Then the red carpets got cancelled. But runways are still happening. And Carolina Herrera’s latest collection seems to be predicting that when red carpets do return, they will not be sedate. We’ll see if that’s actually the case. And by “see” I mean… hopefully by 2022?! (Go Fug Yourself) 

Are you old enough to know what banana clips are? Some of you must remember that banana clips were a hair thing in the 80s for some people and now, I guess, they’re making a comeback. Not here though. Never here. I never wore them because they didn’t work on my hair. They’d stay in for at most ten seconds and then fall out or bust open. Are the 2020 versions any better? Never mind, don’t answer that, because I won’t actually use the information. (Cele|bitchy) 

Who are you in your friend group? Design a creature and this quiz will tell you what role you play in your circle of friends. I got “leader” which is wrong and disappointing because I hate leading. I hate making decisions. And I would rather someone else tell me what the plans are and what we’re doing and who’s going to do it. (Buzzfeed)