It was Princess Charlotte’s first day at school, same school as her big brother, Big G. She’s to be known as Charlotte Cambridge. Of course. You don’t want all her little friends running around calling her “Princess” on the playground. 

Along with Big G, Charlotte was accompanied on her first day of school by her parents, Prince William and Catherine. Kate missed this for Big G a couple of years ago because she wasn’t feeling well during her pregnancy. It was a first for her too. 

All of these shots are adorable. And we’ve been in need of some royal adorableness. Especially when Charlotte and Big G are alone together on the steps. These are the shots they’re going to use over and over again, like for the next, like, 80 or 90 years. Think about how often we see the photos of William and Harry when they were kids. Actually no. Is Louis going to make it to the school before Big G ages out of it? If so, there’s going to be an update with the three of them, and that’s the shot that’ll be around for a century. 

As you can see, and we have seen for years, the Cambridges are that family – their clothes always match. Charlotte and Big G are in their uniform, obviously, but their parents have picked outfits that complement the colours. I suppose most parents would? Like 95% of parents in this position would do the same, right? Who are the parents who would clash on purpose? How do the other parents feel about the contrary parents? I feel like Duana would be the contrary parent. Like if her kid’s uniform is green, she’d show up in loud print purple. 

You’ll note, Kate updated her hair for Fall 2019. It looks AMAZING. She’s eased up on the curl. The layers look way better like this. Way more fresh. We’ve talked about how her style has improved ever so slightly this year and the trend obviously continues. I mean, we’re never going to get to her true potential, given her position and the fact that she has to appeal to the MiniVan Majority, but at least there’s movement. So, maybe, the next phase will be the eyeliner? And an update to the updos at formal events? Not too much too fast, of course. But something to look forward to?