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It’s Valentine’s Day so let’s check in on the culture’s most powerful heart-slayer, Lori Harvey. Lori was in Arizona this weekend with all the other celebrities for the Super Bowl and was seen in a denin-on-denim fit at one of the afterparties.


This shot made me laugh though – it’s Lori at what appears to be Topgolf taking a shot in heels. I play golf, and in my amateur opinion, no one can make a golf shot in heels look good. Not even Lori Harvey. It’s just not a stance that’s set up to be flattering when your heels are off the ground. 

Lori Harvey attends Michelob Ultra & Netflix “Full Swing” Premiere & Super Bowl After Party on February 11, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona

Still, this is Lori Harvey and an unflattering Lori Harvey photo is everyone else’s best day. Lori is now in New York for Fashion Week and was seen yesterday at the Tory Burch show and the Miss Circle store opening. Pretty sure those won’t be her only invitations – most labels would want Lori front row at their shows. 

And I imagine most musicians would want her to be in their music videos. Usher is the one who got Lori to say yes. He teased a new song, “GLU”, on TikTok yesterday and while you can hear him, you can’t see him, because the focus is on Lori… as it should be. Lori’s in the saddle. Lori’s going for a ride. 


You’ll thank me later. GLU #SlowJams #BlackMusic

♬ GLU - Usher Raymond

I’m sure a lot of people are thanking Usher, not just later but now. Including Damson Idris because as of last Friday, when they were seen out for dinner together - photos attached below, he still gets to call himself her boyfriend. 

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