Yesterday, we saw the arrivals of Rebecca Hall, Noomi Rapace, and Julianne Moore in France, and now, behold, for they have united on the first red carpet of the festival for the premiere of the opening film, Final Cut (Coupez!), a zombie comedy directed by Oscar-winning director Michel Hazanavicius (remember The Artist?! That’s okay, no one does). It’s a French-language remake of Japanese horror-comedy One Cut of the Dead. THAT movie is excellent, featuring a BONKERS forty-minute opening sequence that is one cut, no edits. I’m interested to see what Hazanavicius does with his remake, but you’re never going to top perfection. Also, I never want to hear another complaint about English-language remakes of films, because everyone does it. If a filmmaker likes a movie enough, and has the clout to get it made, they’ll remake anything in any language, full stop.


Anyway, let’s check in with our stylish trio. Noomi Rapace had the best arrival style, but on the Croisette…eh. She looks nice, but that’s all. This is not memorable in any way, except for when she reunited with her Bright co-star, Edgar Ramirez at the opening night gala (LOL Bright). Julianne Moore’s dress is also not terribly memorable, but THAT NECKLACE. The necklace makes the whole look. Bonus points for the dress having pockets, but the necklace is everything. You can get away with a fairly basic gown if you’re rocking major jewelry, and Moore looks she knows that necklace is doing all the work. As for Hall, she is my favorite look of the day. Love the dress, the colors, the red lip, still coveting her haircut and sternly reminding myself it would look horrible on me. Also, great earrings. I haven’t really noted Hall as a top-tier dresser at red carpet events, but if she’s ushering in a new phase with her style, as she has her career post-directorial debut with Passing, I’m into it. 

PS: Did you know Rebecca Hall’s husband is Morgan Spector, aka George Russell on The Gilded Age? I did not! Hall keeps a low profile and is basically never an object of gossip, but that is a fun fact.