Big events like the Oscars and royal weddings wouldn’t be the same without Twitter. I almost can’t enjoy an event anymore without watching live and following on Twitter. Someone out there is angsting about how this means we – or just I – can’t live in the present anymore and what a sad thing it is that we are no longer capable of doing one thing at a time and what this means for the children. Maybe what it means is that the children will be a lot more interesting than we are? 

One of the meme-able moments from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding came from Chelsy Davy, as the camera cut away to her a few times before and during the service and she looked…well… here’s how she was interpreted to look: 

And yet…the fact that Chelsy got memed is precisely why she and Harry couldn’t make it. She did not want this life, this life of being observed. He talked about it all the time afterwards when asked about marriage and what would be required of the person he eventually would end up marrying. Both Chelsy and Cressida Bonas were not comfortable with the scrutiny. 

Still. Did she feel a twinge that day? Was she wistful for what could have been? A few of Prince William’s ex-girlfriends were at his wedding and they did not generate the attention that Chelsy generated at Harry’s. That said, Prince William kept his pre-Kate relationships pretty undercover. And even with Kate, William has never really been demonstrative with his affection. Harry and Chelsy’s relationship was front page news. And Harry, as predicted by his mother, is the openly passionate one. When he’s in it, he is IN IT. There’s a collective memory of Harry in love with Chelsy. We’ve seen him kissing her. We’ve seen him holding her. We’ve seen him fighting with her. Which is why, perhaps, what they had still lingers – maybe more in our minds than in theirs. 

The Mirror is reporting today that Chelsy hugged Meghan at the evening reception and that’s to mean that she feels no way about the fact that Meghan became the princess. I don’t know if I believe this. There’s nothing to suggest she was even there. And the Mirror hasn’t exactly been accurate about much else. Here’s what I’ve heard about the party – many of the guests left after the fireworks, including Harry and Meghan. It was around 11pm. They didn’t stick around. Because…well…. you know. From the way he was looking at her all day, you KNOW.