In this week’s edition of “You didn’t know you wanted this but it turns out you always needed it” – Cher… and Future! Singing together. Or, rather, auto-tuning together. Whatever. I don’t give a sh-t if they’re being heard through a computer. I just need to know how all this went down. How long did Future have to wait around for Cher to be ready on set? You’re goddamn right he didn’t complain about it either. (Dlisted)

Speaking of set dynamics, Kevin Spacey, Michelle Williams, and Mark Wahlberg are all in a movie together and it’s coming out in December. All The Money In The World could contend for Oscar. Some people are saying that Kevin might give Gary Oldman’s Winston Churchill a run for Best Actor. Even though this film looks weird as f-ck. Like it’s two films at once. One in which Kevin Spacey just stepped out of a Brothers Grimm fairy tale and the other starring Michelle Williams wondering how the f-ck she’s supposed to have an intelligent conversation with Marky Mark. (Pajiba) 

When you think about 50 Cent… do you think sketch comedy? Maybe I’m behind, but I don’t. I’m curious about 50 Central though, because 50 is building a TV empire. And I’m curious to see what happens. Like no one expected Marky Mark to be a movie mogul 10 years ago, you know? There’s a podcast called Mogul that I listened to this summer about the late hip-hop pioneer Chris Lighty who managed 50, Mimi, Busta Rhymes, Mary J Blige, and more. It was Chris Lighty who set up 50’s deal with vitaminwater that eventually made him something like $100 million when it was sold to Coca-Cola. It’s worth a listen, for the history of hip-hop and the impact that that history has had on all artists, across genres, when it comes to sponsorships and corporate deals. (BET) 

Oh my GODDDDDDD this dress. I love this dress. I’ll never be mad at a white collar. And now I’ll always want a black peacock on top of my black dresses – this is EXQUISITE. As for the veil over her face, I’m good with this too. With the drama of it. When you wear a dress with a peacock front and center, why wouldn’t you want to be as theatrical as possible? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Jennifer Garner joined Instagram. And…. now we know why. Organic baby food. On brand? Yes. Totally on brad. America’s Favourite Mom is the perfect person to suggest to other moms what they should be feeding their children. And the nicknames she gives her colleagues are exactly the nicknames civilian moms might give to people they know. Jennifer Garner is feeding the children. Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus, meanwhile, well…. you know. (Cele|bitchy) 

Holy Sh-t. I missed this in the rush of TIFF. But Curb! Curb Your Enthusiasm. In only 2 weeks! And guess what? Nothing has changed. He’s still such a selfish prick and you’re not allowed to be happy in front of him. I can’t wait! (AV Club)