Dear Gossips,


Cher’s ass, of course. I mean, I think part of the point last night was to notice the nipple pasties and the ass, the 71 year old ass. After all, she did let us know when she was accepting the Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards that she could do a five minute plank. So, yes, that ass. It’s a marvelous f-cking ass. A marvelous 71 year old ass!

Here’s what else I appreciate about Cher though – she came out first with Believe and then they rolled on the tribute package. You know why? To give her time for a wig change. Let me be clear: I will never be mad at a schedule that accommodates a wig change. Don’t for a second read any sarcasm into this. No sarcasm, just admiration. Universal admiration – and from other icons too:

Watching Celine watching Cher just made my life. Did you hear her at the end there? Celine adding her own vocals “after love after love after”. That’s really all I care about from the event: Cher and Celine (and maybe a side of Drake). What would the event have been without them? Do we have to talk about anyone else?

It’s a holiday here in Canada today. So we’ll get to the essentials, including Show Your Work, and resume on a full schedule tomorrow.

Yours in gossip,