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Every year here at LaineyGossip, at the start of Chinese New Year, my ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, shares her Chinese zodiac advisories for each of the 12 signs. At the start of this particular year, there was a warning about the Fire. Fire is one of the five elements that governs feng shui and the flow of luck. The Fire, this year, is the strongest. Fire can sometimes be helpful. Fire can often f-ck a lot of sh-t up though, do a lot of damage, and accelerate tensions. Today is the first day of June. We are balls deep in Fire season. Remember to stay cool. Someone, maybe, should have passed that caution on to Drake? 

Drake released "Duppy Freestyle" a week ago today as a response to Pusha T’s "Infrared" and spent the weekend on top. Pusha came back with flames though in "The Story of Adidon". At post time, Drake has yet to answer. Drake was born under the sign of the Tiger. Tigers and Dragons are the two most volatile signs in the Chinese Zodiac and experience the most dramatic and spectacular swings of luck. When Tigers are riding high, they can rise higher than any other sign. But those highs are balanced by equally dramatic lows. During this year, the Year of the Dog, as noted in the Tiger Advisory, the Squawking Chicken, who was born under the Tiger sign herself, called for a break-even year for Tigers – wins and losses would balance themselves out if the Tiger played it right. But consider this note to Tigers in particular: 

Consider your behaviour during arguments. Fire is the strongest element this year and minor disagreements can be easily fueled. Since Tigers already have fiery dispositions, this may be an especially explosive year for you. 

Ma really wanted to make a point of it so she went on:

Cannot stress enough that Tigers must really watch the Fire this year. Practise restraint during the Year of the Dog. Control your temper. Tigers, no matter their individual elements, can add to a Fire. And this is already a potentially unstable year. 


That was posted on February 12th, go back and read it. That advice is in direct opposition to the hip-hop philosophy. Drake may have turned the heat up on himself. Will he chill his sh-t out? Or will that Fire get even more aggressive? 

And then there’s Meghan Markle. Meghan Markle is a Rooster. Love and romance were in the forecast for Roosters this year. That turned out well, non? But also? Betrayal. As the Squawking Chicken cautioned:

Those born under the sign of the Rooster will have a sunny star shining on them during this Year of the Dog. The sunny star could bring career glory. But do not rush your luck. And be careful who you trust. Those in the sun will always attract jealousy. Which means that betrayal is never far away. 

Specifically, ma noted that Roosters should be particularly concerned about anxieties and possible betrayals in May and June:

May and June mark the beginning of Fire season. Manage your moods. Stay calm if there are relationship conflicts. Do not let small arguments get out of control. If you’re able to mitigate the heat or avoid it, you may get away with a small cut. If not, you risk a bigger cut. 

That explains those rogue relatives. 

So. A reminder to everyone, not just Tigers and Roosters as we approach the second half of the year – stay hydrated and do not underestimate the Fire!

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,