This is a message for my husband: we need a cat. There’s a fat ass raccoon who camps out on our deck in the winter and we have two dogs. One of them is all big and bad when he’s downstairs, away from the raccoon. The minute he gets close, he’s useless – all bark, no balls. He could easily get his ass kicked by a raccoon. But this cat? This elderly cat? This f-cking cat is NOT PLAYING. (Dlisted) 

Is Princess Beatrice wanting to get in on the royal wedding trend? Does she want end the tiara-off once and for all? I can’t wait for Beatrice’s wedding. Because, remember, Beatrice wore the infamous fascinator at Will and Kate’s wedding; it’s the most famous fascinator of all time. So at her wedding, there has to be some fascinator drama, right? Fascinator karma? Fascinator payback? Maybe not from Kate…but SOMEONE has to bring it. My money is on Camilla. (Cele|bitchy) 

I understand why the Fug Girls are into this look on Chloe Grace Moretz. This is a good suit. Those are sensible shoes. That’s a lovely blowout. But it’s all just so…. safe? Nothing about it is lighting me on fire. (Go Fug Yourself) 

A few weeks ago, I posted a hair-off between Noah Centineo, Shawn Mendes, and Timothee Chalamet. All three of them can stand down in the presence of Oscar Isaac. His hair in this interview is my life. His sweater in this interview looks like it was designed by Ryan Gosling. Couldn’t you see Ryan Gosling wearing this sweater? Oscar talks about his approach to his characters, his involvement in Star Wars, and working with Jessica Chastain. (Pajiba) 

Cardi B just bought her mother a house. I would never buy a house for my ma. I would give my ma the money to buy a house. What’s the difference? If I picked a house for my ma, she’d burn me for f-cking up the feng shui and nitpick everything that was wrong with it. And she would be right. My ma, on the other hand, picked my house. She didn’t give me the money but it was her selection. (TMZ) 

Creed II comes out on Friday. Kathleen saw it last night. I talked to her right after – she was breathless, euphoric, and couldn’t wait to get off the call with me so she could start writing new daydream storylines about herself and Michael B Jordan. In preparation for the movie, here’s a refresher on Creed and why it was so good. Why it was practically perfect. (The Ringer)