Chloe x Halle were my best dressed at the BET Awards last night based purely on personal preference. This is exactly what I would wear – a high-neck drapey dress with a one-shoulder cape and a loose elastic waist. God I love it so much.

Chloe x Halle are signed to Parkwood Entertainment. They performed last year at the BET Awards. This year they accepted Beyoncé’s Viewers’ Choice Award for the Sorry video (along with several others):

Of course what everyone there and everyone watched really wanted to know is… what about the twins?! Chloe x Halle were actually asked on the red carpet about Beyoncé’s babies. “What’s your message to the twins?”

You know how they answered?

“We love Beyoncé and that’s all.”

As IF Beyoncé’s protegees would give you any more than that. And Solange wouldn’t either. Solange took home her first ever BET Award last night for Cranes In The Sky and some people are trying to drama that she didn’t thank Beyoncé. OK but she didn’t thank Miss Tina either, grouping everyone in under the word “family”, and separately acknowledging her son and her husband. And then going on to shout out the fact that artists like Missy Elliot, Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah etc informed her in her “teenage years” on BET and also giving love to the artists coming up right now, like SZA and “all the new school girls who are out here killing it”.

So, again, we will meet the children when Beyoncé decides they will be met – and not a minute before. It’s a week to Independence Day. Maybe that’s when B will finally introduce us to Freedom & Glory? Freedom after her song. Glory after Jay’s song. Come on. It’s never going to be Kate and Jack.