There was a Chanel event the other day and everyone showed up in Chanel and I already talked about Andra Day earlier from the Wearable Art Gala and she looks just as good in gold Chanel as she did with the sheer cape. But Chloé Zhao really surprised me! I LOVE this look on her! (Go Fug Yourself) 


Travis Scott maybe cheated on his ex-girlfriend with Kylie Jenner and maybe cheated on Kylie with the ex and the ex is putting him on blast on social media and now people think Kris Jenner will release a baby name to distract people from the story and the point is the storylines are endless. With the Kardashians it’s never that the stories are good or bad, the only goal is to keep generating stories. (Dlisted) 

I am DYING. Dead. I will watch this over and over again – it’s Snoop Dogg playing Celebrity Wheel of Fortune and, well, he’s hilarious. Like he should be a regular. He should play all the time. His answers are… not right, but are they wrong? Are they really wrong? LOL forever. (Pajiba) 


Brad Pitt spent the weekend in Austin at the US Grand Prix because he’s making an F1 movie and he blew off Martin Brundle so F1 Twitter started clowning him because if you’re going to make a movie about that world, you should understand the culture. You know who didn’t blow off Martin Brundle though? Keanu Reeves, who will never fail us. (Cele|bitchy) 

Speaking of Brad Pitt, Anne Helen Petersen, always a great read, wrote about Brad Pitt and the stink that clings to him. All of Anne’s pieces are excellent and if you like this one, consider subscribing to AHP’s newsletter. She’ll always give you something to think about. (Substack)