Chris Evans and Uzo Aduba are shutting down the f-cksh-t backlash over the same-sex kiss in Lightyear. It’s two women showing their love for each other, in a family film – and families are supposed to be rooted in love so what is the goddamn problem? Do I sound angry? Yes? Good. We should all be angry. All people are trying to do is find their people, and be with their people. It’s the whole point of humanity. Which is why it’s a basic human right. Anybody who tries to say differently is wrong, no debate, end of conversation. Lightyear opens this weekend, in Florida too. (Dlisted)


I LOVE this look for Jurnee Smollett. She is wearing the f-cking sh-t out of this dress! Like now I don’t want to see it on anyone else, it’s like it was made specifically for her. And you think it’s already a party in the front, right? But just wait for it when she turns around, OMG. (Go Fug Yourself)

On that note, I love what Jerrod Carmichael had to say about Dave Chappelle and cancel culture. Especially the point he makes about Dave and his legacy – because he’s right: right now, Chappelle is know for doubling down on making anti-trans jokes…and why WOULD he want that to be his legacy? (Pajiba)

Zara Phillips Tindall’s husband, Mike Tindall, supposedly called Prince Harry a “bellend” during the Jubilee. And amazingly the tabloids are not dragging him for crassness even though if Harry called that buffoon a “bellend” they’d burn him alive – like how DARE he, he’s a father, he’s relative, he’s a royal! Royals should be expected to behave in a refined way! (Cele|bitchy)


It's one of the most iconic scenes in film, I talk about it at least once a heat: when Al Pacino and Robert De Niro finally meet in Heat. And of course it just doesn’t work if it’s not specifically these two actors. (Vulture)

Let’s be honest, today and the rest of the days ahead until RENAISSANCE and the rest of the year after it comes out, all of it belongs to Beyoncé. Let’s end on Twitter’s complete meltdown then over the news that SHE IS COMING. And specifically Black Twitter because while I know it’s not meant for me, I respect it and honour it and am enjoying it from my own lane. Because no one inspires a reaction like the Queen. It’s hilarious and amazing and I very much relate to this:


But it’s going to cost us, old hoes and young hoes too. To go back to what I wrote earlier today, whyyyyy would Beyoncé give it away for free – her energy, her art, her thoughts. Not to an interview in a amazing, f-ck no. Beysus knows her value.

So she’ll make us pay…AND STUDY. We should all be well aware by now, Beyoncé serves wisdom and slayage at the same time.


OK but sometimes it’s just pure comedy – and pettiness:

And finally….what this day has been like for the internet: