Arguments for:
- Look at him. It doesn’t get more All-American than Chris Evans.
- He’s Captain America!
- Technically he’s not on a film promo circuit but if they gave it to Chris Hemsworth already, PEOPLE would totally offer it to Evans. He’s exactly who they’d want. 
- Chris Evans has gained a lot of non-superhero liberal appreciation this year on social media, with his criticism of the Trump administration and social consciousness. 
- Speaking of social media, I’m really just including him on this list to show you his latest dog video. The dog is giving him some bonus points. Dodger is a secret weapon. And that is definitely Jenny Slate’s voice. They’re totally back together. 

 Arguments against: 
- Maybe next year? When the new Avengers movie comes out? There’s really no urgency to promote it now. 
- Getting political on social media can be appealing to some and off-putting to others. Especially a significant segment of the PEOPLE Magazine MiniVan demographic. They probably yelled at him on Facebook a lot. 
- Would he want it? Would he say yes?  Sarah has written several times about Chris’s post-Cap ambitions. How he’s been ready to leave Cap behind for a while now. He wants more dramatic roles. Being the Sexiest Man Alive doesn’t seem like it would fit into those plans. 

Odds: 20 to 1