Lightyear disappointed, but you know what is never disappointing? Chris Evans + Taika Waititi. Evans voiced the “new” Buzz Lightyear in the film, and Taika one of the Space Rangers. 


Let’s take a moment before Elvis opens in a couple days and wipes Lightyear off the map to appreciate the duo of Messrs. Evans and Waititi promoting this movie no one asked for, or indeed showed up to see. 


Bless Evans for taking a dumb game with water cups so seriously. He always wants to give the sincere answer! Meanwhile, Taika is just Taika’ing his way through it (not a complaint, Taika is Taika is Taika). Also, I love Evans’ print shirt. He seemed to wear a lot of bold summer prints on this press tour. I strongly agree this is a good look for him.


I have seen this game before, it seems to be a staple on the UK leg of big movie press tours now, but I have to say, if we play this game and it doesn’t end in people flinging water at one another, what are we doing? This seems designed for someone to go off the rails and hurl their water at their partner. It’s like having a game with Super Soakers but everyone just politely soaks their targets and not each other. What’s the point?! Anyway, Lightyear isn’t doing well, but Chris Evans and Taika Waititi are a refreshing antidote to disappointment.