Taika Waititi’s birthday was last week, and to wish him a happy birthday—and promote Thor: RagnarokChris Hemsworth posted a photo on Instagram, which Maria put in yesterday’s Smutty Social Media, of Taika and him each bussing Sir Anthony Hopkins on the cheek. It’s cute! They’re friends! Anthony Hopkins doesn’t look like he wants to die on the set of a Thor movie!

But a reader named Erin emailed to point out something about that photo—it’s been photoshopped. The same photo is on Taika’s Insta, too, only it shows Hopkins in all his sweaty glory, slowly roasting in the Australian sun like he’s trapped in an imu.

So Chris Hemsworth—or someone who works for him—took the time to do his colleague a favor and de-sweat the photo before reposting. He is truly the Greater Hemsworth. Does this affect your Chris Ranking? Hemsworth hovers near the top for me, because he really does seem like such a solid dude. De-sweating his friends in photos is only the latest example.

Turning it back to Taika, I’m glad to see so many people jumping on the Taika Waititi Train. This is not an “I saw him first” situation, because Taika is a goddamn gift we should all get to enjoy. Even Lainey’s starting to feel it, although I fear her legendary fickleness will compel her to try and sh*t on everyone’s Good Time Taika feelings. But until she does, let’s have fun with Taika and the Greater Hemsworth and their bromance + Mark Ruffalo.

And now is a good time to check out Taika’s other films, because in a few months every asshole is going to be like TAIKA WHITETITTY WHO? And you can be smugly superior, referencing his earlier works: Hunt for the Wilderpeople, What We Do in the Shadows, Boy, and Eagle vs. Shark. And you can join me in the prayer circle for a Thor-themed Haka to be included in Thor: Ragnarok, like he did with the Thriller-inspired Haka for Boy. If anyone’s going to be up for a superhero Haka, it would be Chris Hemsworth. Please let this happen.