When I see a dog humping another dog, it always makes me laugh. Remember when Charlotte was scandalised when her dog was scandalised at the dog park? That’s my dog, like on a daily basis. Elvis is humped all the time. He’s humped at home by Barney and he’s humped in public by everyone else. Jacek’s theory is that Elvis has a smelly ass. This is not a joke. Elvis expresses his anal glands quite consistently and Jacek thinks this makes his ass smell attractive. Jacek also worries that all this humping is making Elvis insecure. Please let it be known that I have no such worries and I just laugh whenever it happens. But if this French bulldog ever met Elvis, he would totally ride up on Elvis’s ass, contributing to Elvis’s poor self-esteem, in Jacek’s mind. In my mind, Elvis WILL BE FINE. (Dlisted) 

Some movies should never be or should never have been sequel-ed. Grease 2, for example. If you need a more current reference, Bridget Jones. Some movies, however, should 100% be sequel-ed. In spite of myself, I can’t wait to see Top Gun 2. And Kate Hudson is right here – Con Air should totally have been sequel-ed! (Pajiba)

I got really into reading about Chris Hemsworth’s beauty routine. He’s doing it as part of his endorsement, sure, but he’s also namechecking other (non competition) brands and he clearly appreciates what beauty products to use and when. I’ve never tried La Mer but, of course, it’s well-known as the top-of-the-line moisturiser. Does it work as advertised though? Really? Really??? (Celebitchy)

I like everything about this outfit on Mandy Moore. I love the top, especially the puffy sleeves and the fact that they’re uneven. I like the striped long skirt, even though it’s buzzing in photos. And I’m really into her hair parted in the middle like that, prairie styles, with those hoop earrings. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Missy Elliott will receive the Video Vanguard Award at the MTV VMAs in a couple of weeks. Obviously this is DESERVED. But… can I just bitch? Because it’s also OVER-F-CKING-DUE. Let me put this in perspective for you. Justin Timberlake got the Vanguard…back in 2013. SIX YEARS AGO!!! Missy, of course, is not going to hold this grudge. But I will. I will hold it forever. (JustJared)