A couple days ago I wrote about the mysterious new “movie” from Danny McBride, Dundee, purported to be an extension of the Crocodile Dundee franchise. I called bullsh*t and guessed it’s a Super Bowl ad for Australian tourism, and guess what? IT’S A SUPER BOWL AD FOR AUSTRALIAN TOURISM. Last time I had a hunch I let the internet talk me out of it but this time I did not fall for the internet’s sh*t and now I’M RIGHT. Lainey is always disappointed in my bragging so this time I’m going for lots of CAPITALS and also HAHA, I WAS RIGHT.

The Brisbane Times cites “industry sources” that say Dundee is, indeed, a Super Bowl ad. Besides the presence of Chris Hemsworth, an ambassador for Tourism Australia, they note the Dundee director, Steve Rogers, is—disappointingly—not Captain America but is a noted Sydney commercials director with the ad firm Revolver. So that pretty much seals it. It’s an ad. A really elaborate, expensive ad. I WAS RIGHT. (Lainey, is this enough gloating?) But Oz does not need to go to these lengths because, really, there are so many Americans looking for escape. They could just show the Titanic sinking and then cut to a photo of a beautiful beach.  Or here’s a free ad pitch: Show a clip of Trump delivering a speech, cut to the video of that guy punting a toilet spider,  and then smash cut to the Tourism Australia logo with the tagline: Still Better. If the ad simply must include Chris Hemsworth, just let a cassowary chase him for thirty seconds and slap that Australia logo on at the end. There’s no need to spend millions upon millions of dollars on an elaborate viral stunt to entice Americans to travel right now. You could just play back 2016 election night coverage and accomplish the same thing.